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Why do we value our values?

11 Jan 2018

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Startup life can often seem like a being caught in a whirlwind. The excitement of change can be a lot to keep up with. But how can you ensure your team are working towards the same goals? Core company values are the stepping stones between your vision and goals; offering a silver thread between your thoughts, words and actions which support the important decisions you make as a company. No to mention, startups who enact their values garner up to 50% more employee retention than those who don’t.

Our C + A company values offer our team an identity; principles, beliefs and philosophies we collectively believe in to guide our practice. So what are our values and how are we valuing them?


We’re not shy to speak to truth. Be it with our partners, candidates or within the team, we walk with sincerity to build honest and trustworthy relationships. And one thing we can certainly vouch for is the power of consistent communication. If something isn’t working, we’ll own up and actively work towards improving it. In that essence, working with honesty and integrity is certainly an integral part of our team philosophy.


We don’t fit the mould. We’re hoping to make a real change to recruitment by turning a normative model on its head. We don’t take things at face value, we challenge the norm and continually looking at new ways to innovate.


Our ability to be nimble and adaptable for our customers continue to set us apart from the industry. Whether it’s technology, collaborative work or even a good hack. We work smart to ensure optimum efficiency across the board.


We wear the badge of individualism and believe in the power of diversity. No one human is the same. Big or small, new ideas are always welcome. There is no uniform here, self expression is strongly encouraged.


No matter what, we act as a pack. There are no power trips here and we don’t celebrate egos either. Everyone has a voice to be heard and their opinions be valued.


If the word ‘value’ isn’t in your company vocab yet, start now. Creating a culture is integral to ensure every aspect of your business coincides as you grow. Our values are guiding us on our mission to #reinventrecruitment. Want to know how we can help transform your hiring process? Get in touch!