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What’s so special about Talent Pools?

3 Aug 2017

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 According to a recent survey conducted by the Recruitment & Employment Federation, 22% of employers plan on hiring new staff within the next three to twelve months, whilst 42% of employers who struggle to hire the right people to resort to raising the salary on offer. There’s got to be a better way, intro Talent Pools.

Talent pools and pipelines are becoming the biggest solution to this problem.  At Create + Adapt, we believe that planning ahead to find the right candidate with the right credentials can help you to alleviate and avoid these challenges. Always pushing boundaries and making lives simpler!  Being proactive about your recruitment strategy can help you to fill open and future roles with way more efficiency.

Talent pooling is all about building relationships with the best candidates well in advance of upcoming job openings.  This builds familiarity and trust and prevents you from frantically trying to fill a seat and cover workload.  Impersonal databases and selecting candidates from massive lists are not going to work effectively.  Talent pools feature real, talented people who are the right fit for your unique brand culture and are genuinely interested in working for your company.


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What’s in it for the employer?

Pre-empting your recruitment needs saves tons of time and money, and ensures that you’re hiring the perfect people for the jobs.

What’s in it for the candidate?

The candidate might not have even have heard of your brand.  Introducing them to you and keeping them updated on your needs, your culture and what makes you tick can allow a candidate to take the time to decide whether an organisation is the right fit for them.

The facts:

  • Improves the flow of the recruitment process.
  • Ensures you find the right candidates for your team – not just anyone with the skills.
  • Nurtures potential candidates so that they fall in love with what you do.
  • Reduces time and costs associated with recruitment.
  • Protects your business productivity.

Where do I find talent for my pool?

Leave that to us. Our expert team of Talent Managers know exactly where to look to find the right candidates for your organisation.  We are an extension of your team, offering complete transparency for you and potential candidates.  Remember we’re looking for the right candidates, not everyone who fits the spec!


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Find out more about how Create + Adapt can help you to build your first talent pool.