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Do you want to work at a startup?

3 May 2017

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Today, startups are surfacing at a rapid rate with many talented people ready to set sail on an challenging journey of innovation and creativity. However, that journey can come with risk and uncertainty, especially if you’re thinking about jumping ship from a job that has offered you stability, solid expectations and comfort over the years. But it can also be an exhilarating ride. Perhaps you’re ready to take the leap of faith? The Create + Adapt team have all done just that, and whilst it’s not all sunshine and roses, there are some great reasons to join a startup like us – or many of our fab clients.

● Widen your skillset
Whilst this isn’t a pro for everyone, juggling more balls can bring excitement and challenge to a career. In many large organisations job roles are clearly defined and the majority of workers clock in, do their job and clock out. Maybe the 9-5 life is for you, or maybe you want to do differently, with more responsibility and the opportunity to take on more exciting things.

● Go deep into business
Working in a small organisation will offer far greater insight into how your business actually works and how you might play a part in developing and evolving it further. Such knowledge is unparalleled and is rarely sought after by those who play the role of a small fish in a big organisational pond.

● Join a passionate family
Working in small teams to achieve big results is hard graft, and often comes with little financial reward initially. However, being a part of a team that share a vision and are part of the journey because they truly want to be can mean that a family is formed. Passion cannot be underrated, and will influence everything you achieve as a team.

● The pay-off can be huge
Time and dedication will always be rewarded. Take a look at our friends at Airbnb; once a small startup, now an international business worth over $25.5 billion. Or SinglePlatform, a startup sold for $100 million whereby the CEO, Wiley Cerilli, turned half of his employees into millionaires after the sale. Of course, we can’t guarantee that every startup up will follow this route, but having positivity for the pay-off is important.

● Unbounded creative license

Do more with your great ideas. In a large organisation, wonderful ideas may be suppressed by hierarchical structures or strict procedures. A startup, however, needs your creativity, passion and eccentricity. No idea is a bad idea.

1. Access to mentors
Startup founders make great mentors. Becoming part of a family of great business minds can do wonders for your knowledge base and network. Founding team members tend to nurture and guide those that show spark, and can offer opportunities to develop and grow with a business.