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Inside C+A: Talent Manager

21 Dec 2017

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Talent Manager, Gareth Meredith, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Not only a recruitment pro, Gareth is a dab hand at Employer Branding, Onboarding, Learning & Development. He has spent years guiding businesses big and small through change and transformation.  We’re going behind the scenes to find out what life is like at C+A for Gareth, here’s what he has to say…

Talent Employer Branding

A typical day at Create + Adapt?

“Since I joined, it’s really interesting to see how the business has evolved over that time. No day is the same here, but a typical day would be where the team are always looking for more productive and efficient ways to cook up some recruitment magic.”

What value do you bring to the company?

“I’ve worked in recruitment for quite a few years, so I can really understand the pains and challenges we might face and I’m able to contribute to improving the process for our partners.”

What are the most common hiring challenges and how do you overcome them?

“One of the key challenges people may face is keeping momentum in a role but the key to overcoming this or even stopping it in its tracks is communication. That’s what’s so great about C+A, we have that in-house, personal touch that allows us to embrace communication and deal with issues quickly and head on.”


Employer Branding Strategy


Tell us about the value of employer branding?

“Employer branding can help translate genuine and authentic messages into stories. It’s vital for talent acquisition because it helps potential candidates to understand, engage and align with the company’s culture and values effectively. Essentially it’s like giving candidates behind the scenes access to companies they’re applying for. At Create + Adapt, we value this so much. So we’re constantly talking about who our partners are and showcasing their message through different initiatives and platforms to really bring to life what they’re all about.

What is Create + Adapt to you?

“The one word that comes to my mind is ‘trailblazers’. We’re a unique proposition in the market that allows flexibility but also optimum efficiency and productivity. Create + Adapt is doing something I’ve never seen before and I can’t wait to see what their future holds.”

Gareth highlights exactly why we value great communication in our recruitment journey, as well as the importance of the employer brand. Stay tuned for more insight into our team in the next instalment of Inside C+A. To find out how we can help transform your employer branding or expand your team get in touch.

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