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Remote work is the future

20 Sep 2017

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Remote working is on the rise. According to a recent survey, 54% of employees in the UK already claim to work remotely or have flexibility¹, and that percentage is growing month by month. But how productive can this be? The idea that remote working lacks efficiency is something that has been debated over for years, but we’re living proof that it works, and it works well.

At Create + Adapt, we’ve always been a distributed team scattered across the UK, which means we can hire people who are awesome even if we’re not located in the same city. Let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone. That’s why we frequently get asked about how we make it work for us, so here’s a whistle-stop tour on how we’re successfully navigating a remote work model.

We’re well connected

We’re stellar communicators. We don’t need to be next to each other to have a conversation (not having to trudge into an office on a stormy Monday morning is a bonus too!).  Thanks to our partners, we have access to virtual chat, video conferences and seamless cloud collaboration software which makes it super simple for us to communicate and connect.  Heres a few of our favourite tools that can turn around your internal comms overnight: Slack, Trello, Hubspot and Google Hangouts.

remote working at create + adapt

We’re awesome at hiring

We’re a self-motivated mob of empowered individuals, which is key to our efficiency and the foundations of our hiring strategy.  Two-way trust is important too, and with trust comes accountability.  We know what a great member of the C+A family looks like and we won’t stop until we’ve found them.

It keeps us agile

Remote working keeps us on our toes.  Whether we’re working at home, from a client’s office or in a fabulous co-working space in London, we have the flexibility to move and adapt our working schedules to be at our most efficient.  Encouraging our team to manage their own location has also been a great motivator as giving back autonomy to employees has also been shown to boost morale and lower stress².

remote working model

We’re way more productive

It can be easy to feel like a deer in the headlights when you’re alone in the wilderness, but at Create + Adapt we love a bit of coordination.  We have built-in processes that allow us to work smarter, faster and without distraction. Frequent check-ins and a culture of communication means, you’re never alone at C+A (if you don’t want to be!).  Head down and focus time is free to use, and a good old-fashioned phone call never hurt anyone.

Our culture is strong

Our company values and team culture is at the core of everything we do, which unfortunately many organisations overlook. The C+A family are never out of touch with frequent hangouts, weekly in-person meet-ups and stand-up sessions that improve our productivity and make our lives simpler.  Oh, and we have fun too! With quarterly retreats, monthly culture days and many boozy lunches we have a strict work hard play hard mantra.

create + adapt team

And it’s not just us who’ve seen the benefits of remote work. Some of the most pioneering brands on the market such as Etsy, UpWork and Skillcrush have all felt the positivity of building a remote team allowing them to expand worldwide.³

So our success continues… Tech, automation and simplicity drives our mission towards #reinventingrecruitment, and we’re constantly adapting to ways that work best for us.  If you’ve got any questions about how remote work can help improve your business efficiency, get in touch.


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