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Supporting World Mental Health Day

10 Oct 2017

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We’re supporting World Mental Health Day 2017 with Mind.  Mental health problems can affect anyone, any day.  Last year, over 9 million people turned to this charity for help.  Here are a few tips from the experts at Mind on how to boost your wellbeing this World Mental Health Day, and how, together, we’re implementing their guidance to improve the wellbeing of the Create + Adapt family.


Set yourself a challenge

Find something you like doing and do more of it.  At times it may feel hard to find the motivation, but it doesn’t have to be a big challenge.  Set small goals such as trying a new recipe or learning the days of the week in a new language.

C+A: “Some people often find yoga a bit daunting, but we’re lucky enough to have a qualified yoga instructor within our multi-talented team to inspire us to explore.  Sophie is always encouraging us to try new poses and take the time out for breathing exercises – which is great motivation for those of us who are new to the practice.”


Take time for yourself

Learn something new, do something you enjoy, or try a relaxation technique like colouring in.  Taking some time for yourself may help you feel more resilient.

C+A: “The remote structure of our business allows us to add ‘me time’ into our working day; whether it’s making time to walk the dog or to hit the gym, we find that taking time out for ourselves really improves daily productivity.”


Talk to a friend

Opening up to someone you trust may help you feel listened to and supported.  It can be helpful to acknowledge your feelings by saying them out loud.

C+A: “We have an open communication culture within our team. We know that it can often be difficult to talk about personal issues with colleagues or managers so to avoid this, each member of the team is assigned with a buddy when they start with us who acts as their confidant if they need it.  Sandra, our Talent Coach is also a great source of guidance and support for all members of our team.”


Keep a mood diary

Tracking your moods can help you to work out what positively and negatively affects your mental wellbeing. You can then take steps to avoid, change or prepare for negative situations.

C+A: “This is something we can do a lot better. There are great apps out there such as Daylio that can track your daily mood with a simple click of the button, and Happier which allow you to keep a daily gratitude diary – we’re downloading these as we speak!”


Look after your physical health

Making small gradual changes to your sleep, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can be beneficial to your mental wellbeing.

C+A: “We try and keep fit and active; Matt is pro cyclist (not really!) taking his bike wherever he travels, Sandy has an addiction to Class Pass and is always raving about the cool new spots in London to exercise, while Pav works out with The Body Coach on YouTube a few days of a week.”


Join a new group

Meeting others with a shared interest may increase your confidence and build your support network.

C+A: “Taking a nod from Gareth, who is a member of a walking club exploring the sites of the city and beyond every other weekend – the rest of us need to get out there more!”


How are you implementing wellbeing tactics into your daily work schedule? We’d love to hear what you think and share ideas. Get in touch with us for a chat to see how we can support each other.



For more information visit:

Mind Infoline: 0300 123 3393 or text 86463

More resources: Mental Health at Work