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Inside C+A: Marketing Assistant

12 Sep 2017

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We’re getting inside the C+A family to find out what makes our team tick. Starting off with Zoe Sayliss our marketing intern, we’re developing an interview series where we’ll get to the core of our wonderful team and explore how our mission to reinvent recruitment transpires with each and every one of us.

In August we welcomed Zoe Sayliss into the C+A family as our marketing intern. As a serial sportswoman who previously competed in Tough Mudder, synchronised swimming and now training for a half marathon Zoe brought along a well received hunger to thrive with her. She had a strong passion for a future in marketing and was eager to find a place to hone her skills and learn more about the industry. C+A soon became the perfect fit. With our unique recruitment marketing strategies and employer branding structures, Zoe found a place with us where she could experience and learn about our modern and proactive approaches to recruitment marketing in real time.

Sitting down with Zoe we delved into her experience with us and her views on the future..

Your initial thoughts before starting…

“ I’ve always had a interest in marketing and I was really really excited to start with C+A because I could see from my research that they were doing something very unique. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself in for, but I was ready for the challenge.”

So what was your main role…

“When I first started at Create + Adapt I was asked to look into their own employer branding. So ultimately I was looking into how we could market ourselves as the really exciting company that we are, and truly getting under the skin of that.”

What did you learn…

“I’ve learnt a lot about the ins and outs of employer branding and how to get to grips with recruitment marketing. It’s been a real valuable learning experience for me, I’m definitely more aware of the processes behind marketing strategies now. I’ve learnt about the company, what they’re all about, what the people are about, and also what its like working with a team and the unique structure of remote working, particularly with how that can work so successfully for C+A.”

How would you describe your experience with us..

“My friends would say to me ‘are you making the teas at work’ because thats the real stereotype of being an intern, not really being able to do anything of substance when you’re there. But my experience here at C+A was the complete opposite. From the get go I really felt like a valued part of the team, I was given something really meaty to get my hands on where my ideas were heard and I felt like I was contributing something useful.”

The peak of your time here…

“So the peak was definitely the team day. Getting to meet everyone and see how they’re all from such different backgrounds but are able to bring something so useful to the team was really interesting to see. C+A is all about being different, working hard but having a good time whilst doing it, and the team day just epitomised this. One minute we were having round table discussions about values and our vision and the next we’re scrambling to get 100 balls in a bag in two minutes as part of an agile working exercise. It honestly was one of the most unexpected team days I’ve ever been on and made me value the company and it’s ethos so much more”

Plans for the future..

“So my plans for the future are certainly not set in stone but I would definitely like to pursue something within marketing. My experience within C+A has truly inspired me to look more into recruitment marketing. Aside from this, I’ll be starting my final year of my Geography degree in September but ultimately I’d love to travel and of course earn some money but only time will tell what I choose first.”

It was an absolute delight to be able to inspire, attract and grow with Zoe on board. Her experience with us as a marketing intern highlights our core values on challenging the norm, continuing to expand our knowledge and embracing individualism, so as a team we grow stronger. Our next instalment will feature another member of the talented C+A family so stay tuned for more insight into our team! To read more insights into our team click here.