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Inside C+A: Talent Coach

6 Dec 2017

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Coaching and mentoring helps our team grow, develop and learn new skills. With the help of our resident Talent Coach, Sandra, we’re all on the road to success. Sandra gets our team, our candidates and clients to accelerate, grow and out-perform in every facet of their lives. We’re delving into her chaotic world to find out how this adrenaline junkie gets us all winning. Here’s what she had to say…

Talent Coaching

A typical day at Create + Adapt?

No day is the same here, but it’s usually a blend of meetings, product collaborations right through to strategic conversations about hiring and growth plans. I’m the team’s sounding board enriching our company culture in every way.

What value do you bring to the company?

I’m the team’s confidant. You could call it the calm before the storm, I can see a problem coming from a mile away and help the team stop it in its tracks.

What’s the importance of coaching at work?

Create + Adapt truly value the importance of coaching. You don’t need to be in a coaching session to reap the benefits. Openly talking about strategic ways to improve and support one another is also useful. Our team knows we’re not here to just make money, having these facilities available creates a sense of value and respect among us. We’re pushing our team to grow and develop as individuals in their role holistically. And when you gel personal and professional development together, that’s when you’re able to get the most out of your team which what we value the most at C+A.

Employer branding

What is unique about coaching at C+A?

At C+A, we’re encouraged to be leaders of ourselves and I think that’s unique. So I’m always trying to support and encourage our team to make their own changes and decisions which is great for my own personal development too.

What is Create + Adapt to you?

It’s a service platform that connects the dots between companies, employer branding and talent.

What does your future look like?

It’s an interesting time for me. I’ve just been accepted on to a Master’s programme for Applied Positive Psychology. My ultimate goal is to be embedded within People teams and develop my role here at Create + Adapt.

Sandra is having a positive impact on the way we do things around here, supporting us to reach our goals and streamlining our processes along the way. These comments highlight how much we value great team relationships and culture on our journey to #revolutioniserecruitment. Stay tuned for more insight into our team in the next instalment of Inside C+A. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with all your coaching needs.

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