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Wealth Wizards: Our Magical Journey

8 Sep 2017

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We’ve partnered with some of the most innovative startups this year, and Wealth Wizards is no exception.  A leading tech company that happens to specialise in innovative financial products.  The UK’s first online independent financial advisor is promising to make lives easier, and we’ve been enchanted by their mission to make financial advice affordable to everyone.

In today’s professional world, how often do we think about saving for our pension? Between paying bills and all our other expenses it’s becoming increasingly common to turn a blind eye to planning our finances for the future. Wealth Wizards developed a spellbinding model using smart software technology and chartered financial planning to help people get affordable financial advice. With the aim of getting more young people talking about finance, they created a simple and automated process and the response as been spectacular.

Wealth Wizards have recently been shortlisted for the Schroders UK Platform Award for “Leading Innovation in Workplace Solutions” and if that’s not enough to show their astounding success, they have a rapidly growing client base too. They are now looking to broaden their team of Software Engineers and Business Analysts and have partnered with us to help them. But much like our unique partners, we are providing more than what meets the eye. Using our intuitive recruitment abilities our ultimate aim is to grow the Wealth Wizards brand as the employer choice for the tech community in Midlands. And we have many captivating projects in the pipeline to look forward to.


So what is it like to work for a such an original company? Wealth Wizards takes care of their employees. Steering away from the image of corporate finance, they have created a mystical atmosphere at their open plan offices, based in the idyllic Leamington Spa. With standing desks, write on walls and break out areas their wizards are encouraged to speak their mind. But they are not all work and no play. The last team away-day found them hunting for treasure in the depths of Warwickshire. Not to mention they offer a range of health, wellbeing and social programmes for all their employees ranging from free fruit to pre-work yoga and even the occasional pub social.

Wealth Wizards epitomises the eccentric nature of an industry breakout success and we look forward to our magical journey ahead.