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Why should everyone love their recruiter?

14 Feb 2018

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


It’s the season of love, so we thought it would be a grand idea to point out a few reasons why you should be giving your recruiter some love today. Aside from making your recruitment goals happen, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. We can guarantee this read will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy when you think of your talent team. Not convinced? Read on…

We’ll find you your perfect match.

We’re born matchmakers. It’s easy to get clouded by emotions or pressure to fill a job, but as recruiters, we’re built with the ability to think ahead of the task. We sometimes know what’s right for you before you even know it. We’re here on hand to save your bacon, whether it’s making sure you don’t pass up on a candidate that looks like the perfect fit or confirming interviews that may have fallen off your radar. We have a ‘sixth sense’ that can tell when a match looks good whether it’s on paper or in real life.

We do the legwork so you don’t have to.

100 applicants in a week? No problem. Sifting through the candidate pool with our antennas on, we’ll find the cream of the crop and track everything right down to the tedious details. So having us around makes your hiring process painless and downright wonderful.

We work magic

Yep, that’s right, we are wizards of recruitment. Whether it’s creating a cracking job advert out of a ten-minute conversation or finding a diamond in the dust, our hands-on and proactive approach will help us reach the top percent of candidates and get them on-board


It’s not what you know it’s who you know.

With the candidate minefield rapidly growing it’s good to have a few connections to hand. We deal with candidates every day, many that tick all the boxes but don’t fit the role. So what do we do? We’ve created a bank of candidates and connections we can tap into whenever the role requires it. So you’re constantly receiving the best talent for the role.

People managers at heart.

Experts at managing expectations, people and all the things in between. We’ll prep our candidates to the nines, really getting down to business on what they’re looking for and how they’ll fit your company. But the most valuable part of this is hindsight. We provide that little inkling what the candidate market may look like for your role and how this transpired into the process.

So, of course, we don’t take ourselves that seriously. The key to a successful hiring process will always be a productive partnership between hiring managers & their talent team. But we’re hoping this read gave you some happy thoughts of your recruiter this valentine’s day and maybe inspired you to pass on a good word?