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5 tips for your most productive week

3 May 2017

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We’ve all had them; weeks where you’ve got a mountain of work to get done and no foreseeable way to do it. Well, stop tearing your hair out and put down that stress-inducing triple shot latte because we can guide you into your most productive week ever.

1. Write a to-do list
Yeah, yeah. You’ve heard this one before. But the simplest changes to your routine really can achieve the biggest results. Writing down all the tasks, big and small, that you need to complete will ensure nothing gets left behind. When you don’t use a list effectively you are relying on your, perhaps rather untrustworthy, memory. Using a list will allow you to focus and appear reliable to colleagues.

2. Prioritise
Not all work tasks carry equal weight. Sifting through a mountain of emails is probably not quite as important as that client proposal. Prioritise your to-do list for the day from the most important to the least so that you are able to focus your time and energy on tasks that produce the most valuable results.

3. Chunk it
Jobs that you know are going to take you hours or even whole days are hugely daunting and can lead to you procrastinating and wasting time. Break your tasks down into 20 minute manageable chunks that are easy to complete and won’t have you feelings if you’re climbing Everest. Then schedule your day accordingly.

4. Take a break
High productivity does not necessarily come from those who work the longest, but from those who make the most of their time. Step away from the screen and take a breather. A lunch time stroll or taking 10 minutes to have a cuppa and read a magazine gives your brain a break and makes you feel refreshed when you come back to the task at hand.

5. Reward yourself
Finally finished that presentation you’ve been slaving over for weeks? Cracked those numbers you couldn’t make head nor tail of a few hours ago? Treat yourself. Whether it’s Friday night cocktails or relaxing massage to wind-down in time for the weekend – whatever you choose will make all the hard work worth it.